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Goodies From the Past

Seymour Sewing Stand

An elderly friend, Loraine, had this table which was just enchanting. We did some simple repairs to the table but not too much as this was something special. We borrowed the table for my Quaker wedding ceremony.

Years later finances needed to be put in order and the table was to be sold. I had said when you sell the table call me - I wanted Loraine protected, not taken advantage of. Someone could have come in and offered $5000 and she would have accepted.

Wasn't going to happen on my watch. I arranged the sale for well over $100,000. In the mail a nice card arrived with a check for $1000. I bought sycamore trees - her favorite - and planted them in our meadow. So the table is special to me. We made one very similar - lots of detail and figured wood. What a table!

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